Delfín Verde centralizes its management thanks to ICG Software and IM Projects

Interview with Anna Llausas, financial director of El Delfin Verde. Camping located on the Costa Brava that has an extension of 36 hectares, the largest nationally. It is also among the most prestigious in the sector, both nationally and Europeanly, having received numerous awards. It is defined as a hotel surrounded by nature, ideal for families with children.

El Delfin Verde is one of the country's resort campsites that has most decidedly opted for glamping, the new tourist trend that combines glamor with camping. The facilities have several bars, restaurants, shops, supermarket and a hotel that needed to be managed centrally to control all the business activity from one place.

Thanks to ICG Software, companies like El Delfín Verde that have different businesses can use the same software both at the point of sale and in the offices, accessing all the information of the global activity in a native way, without the need for integrations between platforms. With Frontretail for the management of the supermarket and the stores, FrontRest for the bars and restaurants, FrontHotel for the management of the hotel and all this managed centrally with ICG Manager in the offices.

Having all the different businesses with the same technology facilitated the implementation of the use of wristbands for camping users who can comfortably pay with a prepaid wristband. Fact that has significantly reduced cash management work in cash closures and increased sales by making it easier for the customer to consume throughout the complex without having to carry cash or credit card.

El Delfín Verde. Entrada
El Delfín Verde. Bar
El Delfín Verde. Hotel
El Delfín Verde. Supermercado