Laurendor, makeup and professional cosmetics

Laurendor is a Spanish company founded in 1936 with a long experience in the manufacture of cosmetics in both color and treatment.

They can develop any product from the research and development phase, packaging design, notification to the European Portal and legalization of the product, until its manufacture, currently distributed to more than 25 countries around the world.

After the implementation of NAV in Laurendor we had some interviews with their staff to see their assessment, these are some of their conclusions:

Montserrat Canas Moldón (Manager): Laurendor has around 1000 product references, now we can optimize much better the scan of the costs of our products.

Francisco Durán Pavón (Warehouse manager): Preparing orders with PDA, they have been made more quickly and agile, especially the "export" orders, which are the most difficult and largest.

Xavier Hidalgo Grau (Technical Manager): With NAV you get very good traceability and you can know the origin and end of any product at any time. Working with external documentation to NAV was a problem because each had its own individualized management, instead there is now a single source of information for all workers.