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Revo Xef: perfect synchronization with all delivery platforms

Good delivery management reduces costs, increases business profitability, and expands the potential customer market. This gives restaurants and food stores greater visibility and enables them to reach a more demanding and diversified audience.

The home delivery sector has already established itself as a fundamental part of the gastronomic ecosystem. According to the consulting firm Kantar, this service channel already has a penetration of 52% and an average of 14 orders per year per user in our country. When it comes to the home catering sector, offering a good customer experience is a key element and success depends on technology that facilitates the management of operations, integrating them into existing platforms in a simple and efficient way.

Direct connection with delivery platforms

IM Projects, a specialist in applications for the restaurant sector, has expanded its ecosystem of solutions with Revo Xef on IOS, a connector for native integration with Business Central. With this innovative software, restaurant chains can improve their interaction with giants such as Glovo, UberEats and Deliveroo.

Typically, restaurant companies that are committed to delivery must choose which platforms to work with. Each one has its own interface, and you must have as many windows open as there are companies with which you are collaborating, with a team member managing the orders and deliveries.

The great advantage of Revo is that all orders are received and managed and sent directly to the kitchen using a single system. The chef has all the information to hand, including the delivery company that has taken the order, the time and the delivery details. This allows you to carry out as many operations as the kitchen has capacity, also adapting to periods with fewer orders. Thanks to Revo Xef, deliveries are managed, agile and you increase your capacity.

Revo Xef also offers the innovative Revo Solo app: the customer can see your menu from their mobile phone and place orders directly, so effectively the restaurant has its own platform. Orders arrive at the kitchen via the same interface as those received from other delivery platforms, without having to change devices.

Revo Xef allows you to integrate as many delivery companies as you want. If you only want to sue Revo Solo for orders direct from your menu, you can contact delivery companies directly, increasing the profitability of the establishment. Choose the option that best fits your strategy to achieve your objectives and implement the solutions that work for you and do not limit your growth.

Revo Xef: perfect synchronization with all delivery platforms

IM Projects application ecosystem for Business Central: the solution for the restaurant sector

At IM Projects, we know the challenges of the sector, and we are constantly searching for solutions and tools to improve business profitability through operational control. Being partners and an independent software vendor for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, we have developed apps certified by Microsoft, offering 360 solutions for the sector. These apps complement the great functionality and power of Business Central as follows:

  • IM Warehouse improves stock management between central warehouses and all company-owned or franchised stores.
  • IM E-Procurement reduces the complexity of purchasing from remote locations for retail stores and warehouses.
  • IM Manufacturing simplifies the management of production and assembly operations thanks to the functions of the Android production screen.
  • IM Kitchen facilitates training and knowledge of dishes, ingredients and recipes, optimizing production processes and ingredient consumption. It reduces training costs due to staff turnover.
  • IM Delivery speeds up the management of merchandise deliveries if you have your own distribution setup.
  • Revo Xef connector natively integrates Revo and Business Central. It has been developed by IM Projects and certified by Microsoft and Revo.

If you want to see Revo Xef in action, contact us, and we organize a demo, so you can see how Revo Xef works, what it can contribute to your business, and how it can help you grow.

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