Visión artificial Proppos- IESE Barcelona campus

Restaurant AI on the IESE Barcelona campus

IM Projects implements the Proppos solution on the north and south campuses to avoid queues and improve the customer experience

The IESE campus in Barcelona is located in the northern part of the city. It has 30,000 m² of facilities and is among the most modern in Europe. Every day, more than 700 people, including students and staff, use the dining room and self-service cafeteria. The large volume of diners and the variety of dishes and prices represents a challenge in terms of speed of service and payment management. IESE needed a totally automated self-checkout system for the canteen and mini-market in order to reduce queues and give a great customer experience.

Faced with this challenge, the renowned business school, which is already working with IM Projects on other technological ventures, decided two years ago to implement the Proppos solution. Proppos offers an innovative experience, using cameras and smart food recognition technology to streamline payment processes and improve operational efficiency.

Proppos uses machine vision cameras to identify and register the products selected by customers.

Using this recognition technology, a ticket or invoice is automatically generated for the selected items, and customers, teachers or staff can make payment quickly and easily at self-service terminals.

The implementation of four separate installations with machine vision technology has generated various benefits both for the self-service canteen on the South Campus and for the smart bar on the North Campus.

  1. Agility in the payment process. Customers can check out quickly and without the need to wait in line, improving the customer experience and reducing wait times.
  2. Operational efficiency. The Proppos solution has made it possible to streamline the internal processes of the restaurant, freeing the staff from manual tasks related to payments and allowing them to focus on offering a better service.
  3. Greater accuracy in billing. Proppos recognition technology ensures accurate and error-free billing, reducing the chance of discrepancies and complaints.
  4. 24/7 service. The mini-market management system has made it possible to provide an unattended food and snack service at any time of the day in the rest area.

This prestigious business school, which is clearly committed to adapting the latest technologies in its facilities, is already considering the implementation of Proppos technology on other campuses to further optimize its restaurant and mini-market operations, streamlining payment processes, reducing queues, and improving the overall customer experience.