Get to know REVO SOLO and manage your guests orders to the kitchen, bar or room service directly through a QR.

For hotels and hotel chains, REVO offers a strategic solution for the sector. The management of guest orders in the restaurant, bar, room service or pool is crucial in a hotel and demand an agile and effective service without waiting for the client.

Now that preparations for the summer holidays and the high season are approaching in many of the hotels and restaurants, on the IM Projects blog, we would like to talk to you from Revo, specifically the REVO SOLO solution. REVO SOLO is a self-ordering and payment web-app (with REVO SOLO Express) designed for hotels and restaurants, which offers several functionalities:

1. Allows customers to place orders from tables or in delivery and pickup mode. That is, the customer no longer has to wait for the waiter to come to their table, but rather the customer must scan a QR code that they will find on their restaurant table or leisure area and from there they can place their order directly to the kitchen, without the need for service.

2. Works on any device with a browser. From your mobile or tablet you can place your orders directly to the kitchen and in a few minutes you can enjoy the food from your hotel or restaurant.

3. Facilitates the creation of an online store for orders, synchronizing products from Revo XEF and allowing customizations, such as defining offers or menus according to schedules or days of the week. This helps create a 360º environment where all REVO tools are interconnected.

4. It allows customers to access the menu both inside and outside the restaurant, that is, they can look at the menu and place the order before arriving, to have everything prepared upon arrival.

5. Customers can place orders from their mobile devices, reading a QR code located in the room or table, something that greatly facilitates the customer, without waiting, without cashier errors and with immediate service. Can you imagine your guest or client in the pool hammock and instantly placing an order without leaving the spot? The pool bar service will receive the order with the hammock number and will beable to serve you quickly.

6. Orders are managed directly from the Revo XEF point of sale (POS), avoiding the need to switch between different systems.

7. Offers three modes of use, REVO SOLO manages the 3 business channels of restaurant establishments:

● For pickup: Offers food to pick up on the premises or outside of it.
● For in-store orders using QR codes: Your customers can scan the QR code at the table.
● For home delivery: you can receive orders from home by sharing the link on your social networks and website.

8. In Revo SOLO the operating process involves uploading the product catalog, sharing the QR code or link with customers and they make orders and payments (REVO SOLO Express), and they are received directly in the restaurant’s POS system . The agility of the process allows errors and service times to be reduced to a minimum.

9. Optimize the work of your hotel or restaurant staff by eliminating order taking time. Have your staff invest the freed up time in other tasks that further improve the customer experience.

10. The platform also answers frequently asked questions and offers additional services such as account splitting and opening self-order kiosks. This allows customers to recalculate the expenses of each diner and each one can pay for their drink.



Update the Food and Beverage experience in your hotel through the Cegid Revo Solo self-ordering application!

If you want to obtain more information and discover how to integrate REVO SOLO and other solutions that build a 360º ecosystem for the sector, contact us.