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The Main Challenges in Restaurant Management (and how to face them)

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Restaurant management is, today more than ever, a huge challenge. With inflation through the roof and a clientele avid for gastronomic experiences, optimal resource management is essential if a restaurant is to be profitable and offer a service that attracts more customers.

To achieve this, restaurant chains must harmonize kitchen operations to ensure a balance of smooth operation and a consistent level of quality. Maximum performance and a scalable business can only be achieved with management software adapted to restaurants’ specific needs.

Any restaurateur who wants to scale their business efficiently needs enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that allows them to control the entire process in an integrated way, from price tags and process times, to provisioning or billing.

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of the most powerful and widely used tools on the market, and is highly adaptable to the needs of any restaurant chain. IM Projects, as a developer of Microsoft apps, has developed an ecosystem of specific applications for this sector. Natively integrated with Business Central, the app facilitates management of the main challenges that restaurateurs face when looking to increase the profitability of their business.

Among the main benefits provided by this solution are:

Management of raw materials

Stock control is one of the biggest challenges for restaurant owners because of the perishable nature of the inventory. Ingredients and raw materials are the main cost items and they have a short shelf life. Poor management of both inventory and shrinkage can be a considerable problem. An essential factor is the traceability of the products.

IM Kitchen allows you to easily manage stock, optimizing the use of ingredients in the preparation of dishes. In a visual and intuitive way, the app breaks down the necessary amount of each product to ensure use of the correct quantities by all kitchen staff. This allows you to control purchase and storage of stock, factoring in expiration dates.

Quality control leading to more customers

Establishing control elements and quality indicators in restaurant management improves customer loyalty. Maintaining consistent taste and the visual aspects across different establishments in a restaurant chain generates trust and improves brand positioning. But sometimes, it is possible that different people use different techniques or amounts for preparation of the same dish. Sometimes, even different cooking techniques can be used that change the flavor of the final result. However, ensuring the same final result in all establishments is an added value that means that customers always know what they are going to get.

With the IM Kitchen app you can consult online technical information, prices, nutritional value, allergens and production videos or basic culinary techniques, both for raw materials and recipes and dishes. In this way, the quality and organoleptic qualities remain constant in all establishments, improving the image and encouraging customer loyalty.

Staff management

The operation of a kitchen is like a high-precision clock, everything must be under control at all times. In large kitchens or catering groups, it is common for staff to go from one kitchen to another depending on the need, for example due to a high turnover of staff. In restaurant management it is necessary that all the processes are similar to obtain the best results both in terms of quality and the use of raw materials.

Through IM Kitchen online documentation is made available to staff to facilitate tasks and preparation of dishes. In the case of new personnel, you can consult the necessary techniques and utensils together with videos that show the preparation of dishes. This means that staffing changes do not affect the quality of the final results, avoiding unnecessary loss of time due to onboarding of new employees.


IM Kitchen - ERP for Restaurants: Comprehensive Management of Processes
IM Kitchen – ERP for Restaurants: Comprehensive Management of Processes


In short, while the restaurant business is subject to external variables that cannot be directly controlled, the impact on business can be moderated by close management of how the business functions internally.

The potential of Business Central is intensified with the use of apps developed by IM Projects for the catering sector, such as IM Kitchen, IM Warehouse (purchases, delivery note registration, shrinkage, inventories, as well as traceability) or IM Procurement (information on recent purchases, theoretical consumption, stock, etc.) Combined, this suite of apps allows total integrated management of any restaurant business.

If you want to manage what happens in your restaurant chain in an easy and intuitive way, download a free trial of the IM Kitchen app, or contact us and we will help you manage your business with specific tools for your sector.