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Customer engagement: discover how to build your customers loyalty with the omnichannel wapping solution for hospitality and retail

Customer loyalty is an essential strategy for the success of any company; a loyal customer is capable of creating a prescription for the product or service and recommending it to potential customers. Companies that invest in customer loyalty obtain benefits such as greater profitability, increased sales and a better brand image. At IM Projects we know that loyalty reduces costs for the company and creates a long-term relationship with the brand, providing value, which is why we integrate this point into the 360º management of your company.

At IM Projects we enhance customer loyalty by collaborating with Wapping. Wapping is the first omnichannel CDP (Customer Data Platform) for retail that allows you to know and understand your customers better, build their loyalty with personalized proposals and offer a unique shopping experience in sectors such as fashion, beauty or food. It is an ideal solution for companies of all sizes and sectors that seek to build customer loyalty and increase their sales. It is the platform that connects all your sales channels to know, activate and retain customers and differentiate your brand.

Customer loyalty through Wapping is the process of creating and maintaining a lasting and positive relationship with existing consumers. It’s about generating brand loyalty, encouraging repeat purchases and recommendations to others.

How can Wapping and IM Projects help you in your Customer Engagement strategy?

Wapping, an omnichannel platform for loyalty and personalization of the customer experience that offers companies the possibility of:

  • Provide services and benefits integrated into the checkout of physical stores and E-commerce.
  • Identify a customer in a 360º perspective: unify customer data from all channels (online, offline, social networks) to obtain a 360º view of each one.
  • Segment audiences and offer hyper-personalized experiences: allows you to create loyalty programs, discounts, incentives and personalized promotions for each customer.
  • Build customer loyalty: Helps companies increase customer retention and Life Time Value. Loyal customers are more profitable, it is cheaper to maintain a current customer than to acquire a new one.
  • Attract new customers: allows companies to differentiate themselves from the competition and offer a unique shopping experience.

Wapping is integrated into all sales channels:

  • Ecommerce: is integrated into the customer’s user account in the online store.
  • Physical stores: integrates with the REVO POS (POS) of the physical store.
  • Mobile app: offers a mobile app so customers can manage their points, access their benefits and make purchases.
  • Social networks: it is integrated with social networks so that companies can retain their followers.

Wapping offers a series of advantages for companies:

  • Increased sales: Helps companies increase their sales by building customer loyalty and attracting new customers.
  • Improved profitability: Helps businesses improve their profitability by increasing customer LTV.
  • Brand Image Enhancement – ​​Helps businesses enhance their brand image by offering a unique shopping experience.

With Wapping we can achieve the loyalty of our customers through different options:

  • Flexible programs: Manage the most flexible loyalty engine: audiences, calendars, programs, conditions and restrictions can be as precise as you need at any time to guarantee the best result with each action.
  • Points/savings: Create the most appropriate program for each of your customer groups, define how it will work and obtain the emotional connection necessary to drive sales and increase identification with your brand.
  • Benefits: Offers personalized benefit programs for different customer groups. Employees, influencers, seniors, students, employees,… can be defined as audiences and easily offered special privileges.
  • Rewards: Seduce your customers by giving each one relevant and meaningful rewards that really encourage them to continue buying from your brand to achieve those exclusive benefits. Improve your emotional connection emotional with personalized proposals that keep you as their preferred option
  • Gamification: Surprise and delight your customers and grow engagement with rewards and unique experiences. Create a “WOW” experience and add excitement to your customer interactions with fun campaigns that grow your benefits program members to drive conversions and build lasting relationships.
  • Analytics: A successful loyalty strategy involves really knowing your customers. The key to this vision lies in managing data to understand consumer behavior patterns. Harness the power of data with the most advanced, easy-to-use analytics to take your customer connection to the next level.

If you want more information, contact us and we will explain how to undertake an omnichannel customer engagement project for the ultimate loyalty of your customers.

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