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Self-service in restaurants: improving productivity with Artificial Intelligence

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Our day to day lives are very demanding, always under pressure. In an era where comfort and convenience are valued above all else, long waiting times at restaurants will reduce operational efficiency and drive customers away. For this reason, technology has become an indispensable tool for community restaurant managers who need to improve productivity and the customer experience by offering value-added services.

The question is: how can customer service be streamlined? For optimizing mechanical processes that do not add value for the customer and do not require specialized personnel, self-service using artificial intelligence is the best solution.

At IM Projects we work with Proppos FastPay, a tool that uses a combination of deep learning and food-recognition technology.

What are the benefits that Proppos FastPay’s artificial intelligence can bring to community catering clients?

  • No need for a cashier when drawing up or settling the check. People can focus on jobs with greater added value that need doing.
  • Data analytics allows you to determine which dishes are being consumed at any given time. With client identification, you can analyze what types of dishes are each client’s favorites, and at what times. This makes it easier to adjust to demand, improving the service and quality of the dishes, offering freshly-prepared products.
  • FastPay also avoids queues, thus improving the customer experience and increasing the average order.
  • Consistency increased in restaurants using computer vision technology, since the system will reject dishes that don’t have the right appearance.

IM Kitchen - Self-service in restaurants with Artificial Intelligence

How does Proppos FastPay improve productivity for the restaurant-owner?

It’s not just customers who benefit from AI-powered self-service. First, the speed of service is greatly increased. The involvement of staff can slow down operations when paying the check and this can affect the turnover of diners, increasing waiting times and, in many cases, even losing customers. In community restaurants and canteens, time is one of the fundamental success factors.

Additionally, connecting FastPay with an ERP system makes it possible to manage stock and resources, identifying which are the most popular dishes and at what times of day. This avoids waste and greatly improves the quality of the final product, since the use of visual technology to identify specific dishes encourages the consistency of those dishes, allowing few variations. Furthermore, tracking consumption helps to optimize internal processes, prioritizing different service needs at different times. It also offers the added bonus of upselling because it allows certain foods or drinks to be pre-prepared, improving the management of purchases and the final customer experience – the dish or product is included in the bill, but the customer can collect it when they want.

Looking further ahead, in the medium term, the Proppos FastPay solution makes it possible to set up a loyalty scheme for customers, linked to card payments, offering discounts and promotions at the point of sale.

At IM Projects we are experts in the hospitality sector and we help you find the solution that best suits your needs. Contact us and we will advise you on the different options to improve your productivity.