Innovation in hotel management: differentiate yourself with IM Projects and Revo Xef

The needs of hotel management have changed considerably in recent years. The consumption casuistry has multiplied exponentially, generating the need to create new formats adapted to the desires of different customers looking for personalized experiences. This implies that hotel management must offer more flexibility and agility and technology makes these changes possible.

Until now, software companies that developed PMS (Property Management Systems) did so exclusively to solve the problems of hotel management without taking their restaurants into account. To manage the restaurant’s problems, basic software was created within the PMS itself. Nowadays, needs have changed so much that these basic software are no longer suitable for the new service offerings of hotels and their restaurants.

That is why at IM Projects we present the Revo Xef software: designed to obtain maximum performance from the restaurant and offer technology that allows much more sophisticated control and more profitable growth of hotel restaurants. Not taking advantage of the advantages of new software developed specifically for a sector reduces the competitiveness of the offer compared to those that offer more basic points of sale, limiting the quality of service and reducing the customer experience.

Differentiate your offer with IM Projects and Revo Xef

IM Projects offers a 360-degree ecosystem for the complete digital management of all the operations of a hotel or chain. This ecosystem is made up of 4 fundamental pillars, such as Microsoft Business Central, the certified IM Projects apps for Business Central, the RevoXef point of sale and, as the last pillar, a PMS that is synchronized with Revo Xef, a fundamental part for managing the charge to the room.

What makes Revo Xef software unique for hotel catering business management?:

Revo Xef substantially improves the flexibility in changes and allows the customization of the offer to the customers’ wishes: – separate accounts, extended opening hours, online reservations, mobile ordering for room or terrace service, etc., – in an easy way for the establishment. In addition, it allows native integration with all delivery platforms, which offers great possibilities for business growth: quick, easy and simple integrations with the most popular platforms in the industry, such as JustEat or Glovo, to be able to effectively leverage delivery if desired.

Validated by Apple, it offers a unique combination of integration, customization, ease of use, scalability, security and technical support. By opting for this technological solution, hotels boost their growth, optimize their operations and stay ahead in an increasingly digital world, reducing time and resources and saving between 40% and 55% of the project cost.

  • Customization: Each hotel is unique, and therefore, the software is designed to be highly customizable, adapting to the specific needs of each hotel, restaurant or customer. This allows chains to obtain a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with internal objectives and processes to improve control of operations.
  •  Ease of use and implementation: Although this software can be highly sophisticated, its user interface is intuitive and user-friendly. This facilitates its use by the entire team, reducing training time and optimizing productivity from the very beginning.
  • Scalability: To grow you need technological solutions that help you understand the areas of improvement. This software is designed to be easily scalable and adapts as the demands and size of the business increase. Being in the cloud makes it very easy to implement in all establishments.
  • Exceptional technical support: Customer service is a priority and IM Projects’ technical support is always ready to help and resolve any issues that may arise. This ensures a hassle-free experience and gives businesses peace of mind knowing they are backed up at all times.
  • World-class security: Data protection and computer security are critical in today’s world. REVO has implemented robust security measures to ensure that customer information is protected at all times.


What makes Microsoft Business Central and the certified Apps developed by IM Projects the best solution for hotel management?

At IM Projects we know the challenges of the sector and we are constantly searching for solutions and tools that improve the profitability of the business through the control of operations. Being partners and ISV of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, we have developed Apps certified by Microsoft, offering a 360º solution for the sector. These Apps complement the great functionality and power of Business Central:

  • IM Warehouse improves and streamlines the stock management of your hotel warehouses in an agile way with an Android device and Microsoft Business Central. Keep stock always updated.
  • IM E-Procurement reduces and automates the complexity of purchasing in different warehouses, with different companies, in different locations and with different suppliers.
  • IM Manufacturing simplifies the management of production operations in industrial central kitchens.
  • IM Kitchen facilitates training and knowledge of dishes, ingredients and recipes, optimizing production processes and ingredient consumption. Reduces training costs due to staff turnover.
  • RevoXef connector natively integrates RevoXef and Business Central. It has been developed by IM Projects and certified by Microsoft and Revo.

If you want more information, contact us and we will make you a DEMO so you can see how the solutions we propose work without obligation.