2024 will be a record year in economic figures for the hospitality sector. Improving operations and efficiency will be crucial to safely manage this growth.

2024 will be a record year in economic figures for the hospitality sector. Improving operations and efficiency will be crucial to safely manage this growth. 

Hospitality in Spain is a vital industry that covers a wide range of services, including restaurants, bars, cafes and tourist accommodation. This sector is crucial for the Spanish economy, contributing significantly to GDP and employment. That is why IM Projects continues working to offer global solutions to improve the operations of the sector.

Key data of the sector:

  • Contribution to GDP: Approximately 6% of Spanish GDP comes from the hospitality industry.
  • Employment: It generates nearly 1.7 million direct jobs, being one of the largest employers in the country.
  • Tourism impact: Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, driving the growth and development of the hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry in Spain in 2024 promises to be a year of transformation and growth. Companies that enhance digitalization, improve efficiency, and focus on upskilling their staff will be better positioned to thrive in this dynamic and intense environment.

The hospitality sector faces various challenges that require optimization and modernization to maintain its competitiveness. Implementing these strategies can help the hospitality industry in Spain to be more efficient, sustainable and customer-focused, which is essential to maintain its competitiveness in the current market.

Keys to the future of the Hospitality Industry in Spain

Tourism Growth: Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, which drives the growth of hospitality in a constant and sustained manner. Innovation in services and the offer of unique experiences are key to attracting and retaining tourists.

Digitalization: The adoption of new technologies and implementing solutions that minimize paper should be a priority, without forgetting the final objective: Improve the management of operations by gaining efficiency.

Sustainability: Establishments are adopting more sustainable practices, such as reducing waste, using local and organic products, and implementing renewable energy.

Post-COVID Challenges: The pandemic has deeply affected the hospitality industry, forcing many businesses to close temporarily or permanently. Recovery involves adapting to new safety regulations and changes in consumer behavior.

Innovation and Adaptability: The ability to adapt quickly to market changes and to innovate in the service offering will be crucial for survival and success in the future.



Training and Development: Investing in staff training to improve the quality of service and customer experience is essential.

Personalized Experiences: Consumers seek unique and personalized experiences, which requires a deep understanding of their preferences and needs.


What is IM Projects doing for the digitalization of the sector?

Digitalization being one of the keys to the future of the sector to improve operations and improve efficiency, IM Projects has built a 360º ecosystem around the leading management software in the sector such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The value that IM Projects offers is to propose integrated management of all operations in Business Central, the most technologically advanced ERP. This allows you to integrate third-party applications and develop standard and certified functionality expressly for the sector. In this way, IM Projects has configured a 360º ecosystem:

Of this ecosystem it is worth highlighting:

IM E-Procurement is a certified extension in Business Central for agile and efficient management of the purchasing process in complex scenarios involving many locations and multi-companies, making purchasing management much easier

IM Warehouse for receiving orders and managing inventories, ensuring a constantly updated stock, a strategic point for cost control and purchase forecasting.

IM Manufacturing and IM Kitchen are also certified extensions for Business Central to cover the needs of those establishments that have central kitchens and require control of the production and traceability of all the products that are produced centrally for each warehouse or restaurant. of the chain,

– Integration with the leading point of sale in the sector such as RevoXef and RevoRetail (for those establishments with small boutiques or supermarkets). RevoXef is the most advanced point of sale developed in IOS on the market with all the necessary functionality for the sector, including room service (Revo Solo) with the guest’s own mobile phone without the need to install any App.

– From PMS, the client only has to choose the PMS that best meets their needs. You can choose any of the 10+ PMS already integrated with REVO. The PMS integration with the Revo Xef point of sale is essential for the management of room charges.

– Agile: In summary, the hospitality industry in Spain is in a transformation process driven by digitalization.

IM Projects aims to be a benchmark in the sector for those companies that opt ​​for Business Central as a central ERP.

In summary, the hospitality industry in Spain has significant growth forecasts and this forces a transformation process driven by digitalization, sustainability and the need to adapt to a changing environment. The ability to innovate and offer unique experiences will be essential to the future success of the sector. Without forgetting that significant growth always requires good management and control.

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