Revo Xef: perfect synchronization with all delivery platforms

Good delivery management reduces costs, increases business profitability, and expands the potential customer market. This gives restaurants and food stores greater visibility and enables them to reach a more demanding and diversified audience. The home delivery sector has already established itself as a fundamental part of the gastronomic ecosystem. According … Read More

Revo Xef integrates with Business Central to revolutionize the restaurant and hospitality sector

Without technology it is difficult to manage the growth of any company in a scalable and efficient way. With restaurant chains there is fierce competition to implement improvements that make a real difference, both to the customer experience and to the optimization and control of operations. Applying technology with a … Read More

The Main Challenges in Restaurant Management (and how to face them)

Restaurant management is, today more than ever, a huge challenge. With inflation through the roof and a clientele avid for gastronomic experiences, optimal resource management is essential if a restaurant is to be profitable and offer a service that attracts more customers. To achieve this, restaurant chains must harmonize kitchen … Read More

One Ocean Club – The most beautiful bar in the world

Ni Londres, ni Nueva York…El #Bar #Restaurante #Coctelería OneOcean Club es el más bonito del mundo y se encuentra en Barcelona! Además utiliza nuestro gestor de solución líder #FrontRest de #ICG!  Noticia de LA VANGUARDIA: El Bar más Bonito del Mundo