Revo Xef: perfect synchronization with all delivery platforms

Good delivery management reduces costs, increases business profitability, and expands the potential customer market. This gives restaurants and food stores greater visibility and enables them to reach a more demanding and diversified audience. The home delivery sector has already established itself as a fundamental part of the gastronomic ecosystem. According … Read More

Revo Xef integrates with Business Central to revolutionize the restaurant and hospitality sector

Without technology it is difficult to manage the growth of any company in a scalable and efficient way. With restaurant chains there is fierce competition to implement improvements that make a real difference, both to the customer experience and to the optimization and control of operations. Applying technology with a … Read More

Self-service in restaurants: improving productivity with Artificial Intelligence

Our day to day lives are very demanding, always under pressure. In an era where comfort and convenience are valued above all else, long waiting times at restaurants will reduce operational efficiency and drive customers away. For this reason, technology has become an indispensable tool for community restaurant managers who … Read More

Video of introduction to the operation of Dynamics NAV

Introducción al funcionamiento de ‪#‎DynamicsNAV‬ Este video muestra los primeros pasos en el funcionamiento del ‪#‎ERP‬ ‪#‎Microsoft‬ Microsoft Dynamics ¿Qué te parece? por: Josep Pagès de Navitecnia