RevoXef integrates with Business Central to revolutionize the restaurant and hospitality sector

Without technology it is difficult to manage the growth of any company in a scalable and efficient way. With restaurant chains there is fierce competition to implement improvements that make a real difference, both to the customer experience and to the optimization and control of operations. Applying technology with a … Read More

The Main Challenges in Restaurant Management (and how to face them)

Restaurant management is, today more than ever, a huge challenge. With inflation through the roof and a clientele avid for gastronomic experiences, optimal resource management is essential if a restaurant is to be profitable and offer a service that attracts more customers. To achieve this, restaurant chains must harmonize kitchen … Read More

One Ocean Club – The most beautiful bar in the world

Ni Londres, ni Nueva York…El #Bar #Restaurante #Coctelería OneOcean Club es el más bonito del mundo y se encuentra en Barcelona! Además utiliza nuestro gestor de solución líder #FrontRest de #ICG!  Noticia de LA VANGUARDIA: El Bar más Bonito del Mundo