RevoXef se integra con Business Central para revolucionar el sector de restauración y hostelería

Revo Xef integrates with Business Central to revolutionize the restaurant and hospitality sector

Without technology it is difficult to manage the growth of any company in a scalable and efficient way. With restaurant chains there is fierce competition to implement improvements that make a real difference, both to the customer experience and to the optimization and control of operations. Applying technology with a global single data solution front of house or in the kitchen can improve profitability and ensure quality of service, guaranteeing customer loyalty.

Technology is often perceived as a barrier, whether due to costs, difficulty or lack of knowledge. Furthermore, the constant turnover of personnel and lack of time for training in the restaurant sector are barriers to investing in the digitalization of processes.

In the current environment, the restaurant industry needs cutting-edge and easy-to-implement technological solutions that facilitate the daily work of all employees; improving the development of their work and increasing the motivation of staff to undertake training. The sector requires solutions with enhanced usability and user experience, fully integrated and scalable.

Revo partner, IM Projects, has certified a Business Central native connection with Revo Xef  that minimizes integration costs.

Revo Xef, developed for the iOS system, is considered the best point of sale solution for restaurant chains.

But what makes the Revo Xef software unique?

  1. Native integration with all platforms: Revo Xef offers quick, easy and simple integrations with the best-known platforms in the sector, such as JustEat or Glovo. It also integrates other platforms such as Revo Solo, Revo Kiosk or Revo Touch, among others. While other solutions require more time and resources, with Revo you can save between 40% and 55% of the cost of a project.
  2. Customization: Each company is unique, and therefore the software is designed to be highly customizable, adaptable to the specific needs of each client. This gives a company a tailored solution, perfectly aligned with its internal objectives and processes, to improve operational control.
  3. Ease of use and implementation: Although this software is highly sophisticated, the interface is intuitive and user-friendly. This facilitates its use by the entire team, reducing training time and optimizing productivity from the start.
  4. Scalability: To grow, technological solutions are needed that help businesses understand areas for improvement. This software is designed to be easily scalable and adaptable as the demands and size of the business increase. Being in the cloud greatly facilitates implementation in all types of establishment.
  5. Exceptional technical support: Customer service is a priority, and IM Projects technical support is always willing to help resolve any issue that may arise. This ensures a hassle-free experience and gives businesses peace of mind knowing they are supported at all times.
  6. Top-level security: Data protection and computer security are critical aspects in today’s world. Revo has implemented robust security measures to ensure that its customers’ information is protected at all times.

Revo Xef offers complementary modules (satellite apps), to suit any type of company, that can be integrated as the business grows. This aspect increases the potential of the software by integrating seamlessly with IM Projects platforms and apps.

Validated by Apple, Revo Xef offers a unique combination of integration, customization, ease of use, scalability, security and technical support. By opting for this technological solution, companies can boost their growth, optimize their operations, and remain at the cutting edge in an increasingly digital world.

RevoXef integrates with Business Central to revolutionize the restaurant and hospitality sector

IM Projects application ecosystem for Business Central: the solution for the restaurant sector.

At IM Projects, we know the challenges of the sector, and we are constantly searching for solutions and tools to improve business profitability through operational control. Being partners and an independent software vendor for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, we have developed apps certified by Microsoft, offering 360 solutions for the sector. These apps complement the great functionality and power of Business Central as follows:

  • IM Warehouse improves stock management between central warehouses and all company-owned or franchised stores.
  • IM E-Procurement reduces the complexity of purchasing from remote locations for retail stores and warehouses.
  • IM Manufacturing simplifies the management of production and assembly operations thanks to the functions of the Android production screen.
  • IM Kitchen facilitates training and knowledge of dishes, ingredients and recipes, optimizing production processes and ingredient consumption. It reduces training costs due to staff turnover.
  • IM Delivery speeds up the management of merchandise deliveries if you have your own distribution setup.
  • Revo Xef connector natively integrates Revo and Business Central. It has been developed by IM Projects and certified by Microsoft and Revo.

If you want to know more, contact us and we will arrange a demo showing how Revo Xef works and what it can contribute to your business and help you grow.

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